It is a wonderful place to be,
To view the world through the imagination of a child,
To enjoy the brilliance of a rainbow;
Dew on an exquisitely woven web;
A raindrop on a flower petal;
"The Fairies"
(© InGold 98)

Within the Faerielands there is no time, so you can take your time and explore as you wish. Follow the fairies, and they shall bring you to one aspect of this world and then to another. There is plenty of time to Dance with the Faeries, Explore what hides in the Shadows, and join in the Great feasts of FaeryLand Underhill.


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Fairy mushrooms

Fairy mushrooms


Fairy sitting on amanita mushrooms.

The classic fairy mushroom.. The amanita mushrooms
are very poisonous.

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